noun ((also ad æd, advert ) a film, newspaper announcement, poster etc making something known, especially in order to persuade people to buy it: an advertisement for toothpaste on television; She replied to my advertisement for a secretary.) anuncio
advertisement n anuncio
1 anuncio
plural noun advertisements
1 (on television) publicidad nombre femenino, anuncios nombre masculino plural
advertisement ['ædvər.taɪzmənt; æd'vərt̬əzmənt] n
: anuncio m
anuncio s.m.
mandado s.m.
'ædvər'taɪzmənt, əd'vɜːtɪsmənt
count noun (on radio, television) anuncio m, spot m (publicitario), aviso m (AmL); (in newspaper) anuncio m, aviso m (AmL)

she's a good advertisement for vegetarianism — su salud dice mucho en favor del vegetarianismo

N anuncio m (for de)

to put an advertisement in a newspaper — poner un anuncio en un periódico

it's not much of an advertisement for the place * — no dice mucho en favor de la ciudad/del hotel etc


advertisement column N(Brit) columna f or sección f de anuncios

advertisement rates NPL — tarifas fpl de anuncios

* * *
['ædvər'taɪzmənt, əd'vɜːtɪsmənt]
count noun (on radio, television) anuncio m, spot m (publicitario), aviso m (AmL); (in newspaper) anuncio m, aviso m (AmL)

she's a good advertisement for vegetarianism — su salud dice mucho en favor del vegetarianismo

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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